What's the Occasion 

A photo series and experimental video art aiming at decolonising the concept of traditional ‘cultural dress’ in everyday Australia. 

This collection is continuing the foundation of my work which is to amplify young people’s voices from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, marginalised and minority communities, and specifically young people from Western Sydney. ‘What’s the Occasion’? aims at normalising decolonised or “non-western" clothing in everyday settings in Australia. 

The concept is important because when we begin to normalise aspects of the diverse cultures living in Australia, people begin to feel more comfortable expressing themselves, people within the community are exposed to different customs, and we begin to reduce cultural neglect or the ‘identity crisis’ young people face. 

The concept of decolonising spaces, art, and experiences is important for young people to feel heard, seen, and appreciated. Australian media and entertainment are lacking representation of people of colour and people from refugee, migrant and immigrant communities and when these identities are being represented, they continue to narrate a narrative that is false or uneducated. ‘What’s the Occasion?’ provides a platform for young people to narrate their own stories and identities by representing their cultural heritage and customs. 

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