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My photography is an expression of beauty and simplicity. It asks us to look at the mundane, the items in life we glance over, and to breathe; to take time and find grace in a world filled with negativity. My only aim to evoke joy and positivity, and hope, that in time, you may be filled with the urge to search for the long, precious hours until sunrise. 

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Zeinab Saleh Mahfoud is a Lebanese-Australian artist based in Sydney. With a professional background in interior architecture,  history, humanitarian aid and community development, her passion for photography has been her greatest solace and motivation.  


Zeinab’s approach to her creative practice distills photography to its function – capturing the stillness of an ephemeral moment. Which is a complex way of saying; she does it because she loves it.

Zeinab has a fondness for candid portraits and bodies that tell stories even after the shutter click. 

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